Editor-in-Chief Decision Guidelines


Guidelines for the Editor-in-Chief

After a manuscript is accepted for the FTCOR process, it will posted in an FTCOR forum. We ask that associate editors use the provided FTCOR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF’S RESPONSE FORM in order to post their decision within 5 days of an associate editor’s recommendation post in an FTCOR Forum session. The editor-in-chief will attend to the following considerations when writing their review:

  1. Is the content of the manuscript consistent with the JPE’s mission?
  2. Is the author’s writing clear? Do the section headings make sense? Is the content well organized?
  3. Is the content of the manuscript rigorous in terms of its scholarship and argumentation?
  4. Does the manuscript address an interest, concern, problem, or question in the area of philosophy of emotion?
  5. Does the manuscript present an interesting or unique solution, argument, method, or perspective in the area of philosophy of emotion?
  6. Are the reviewer’s and associate editor’s recommendation fair? Do the reviewer and associate editor provide sufficient reasons or justification for their recommendation?
  7. Was there anything discovered during the 10-day open discussion phase of the FTCOR process that ought to be considered when making your recommendation?