FTCOR Editorial Assistant Guidelines


Guidelines for the Editorial Assistants

After a manuscript has been submitted to the JPE, editorial assistants (with editor-in-chief oversight) will make an initial “quick” review and decide whether a paper will be assigned to an associate editor for the FTCOR process. Authors will be notified via email, external to the FTCOR process, as to whether their submission would be (a) accepted for the FTCOR process, (b) advised for resubmission to the JPE after substantial revisions, or (c) recommended for an alternative venue.

Understanding the Decisions in the Initial Vetting Process

Accepted for FTCOR process: This decision indicates that an article has proceeded into the FTCOR process. The manuscript will be posted as a topic in an FTCOR forum, along with the editorial assistant’s justification using the following FTCOR EDITORIAL ASSISTANT’S RESPONSE FORM. Along with this decision, authors will be introduced to the associate editor who will manage their FTCOR process, and will be provided with a JPE username, password, a link to their manuscript in the FTCOR forum, and will be asked to subscribe to the email notification for their manuscript, which is located under the “topic” session for their manuscript.

Advised for Resubmission to the JPE after Substantial Revisions: This decision indicates that a manuscript will not proceed into the FTCOR process due to major concerns with either scholarship, readability, clarity, or the significant impact of its claims, arguments, methods, or perspective.

Recommended for an Alternative Venue: This decision indicates that the content of a manuscript is more suitable for an alternative venue, and the JPE editorial team may make some suggestions as to where the article might be submitted.