FTCOR Process Guide & Timeline


FTCOR Process Guide & Timeline from Open Review to Publication

(Please note that the following timeline provided is based on a maximum expected turnaround time. Please note that this timeline is subject to change, especially during the initial launch of the JPE and the pilot-testing phase of the FTCOR process. It should be noted that such instabilities are simply aspects of launching a new journal and implementing innovative processes, and the JPE appreciates your patience and continued support during this time.)

DAY 1 – Manuscript Submitted

DAY 10 – Manuscript Submission Receipt Notification

DAY 20 – Notification of Initial DecisionIf a manuscript proceeds to the FTCOR process, it will be posted in a “topic” session in the FTCOR Forum with the manuscript’s title and author’s name as the session’s “topic,” along with the editorial assistant’s initial vetting form (Editorial Assistant Response Form), and an associate editor will be assigned to manage the manuscript through the FTCOR process. The editorial assistant’s response form is not necessarily a “review” of a manuscript but instead provides the rational for why a manuscript made it through into the FTCOR process although authors, reviewers, and associate editors are encouraged to take the editorial assistant’s comments into consideration when posting their own responses. Some manuscripts may not make it through into the FTCOR process, in which case the author will be notified via email and will be given the option to have their manuscript and the initial vetting form and editor-in-chief’s decision posted in the FTCOR forum for public viewing. The JPE will post a manuscript and related vetting comments in this cases of denied manuscripts only at the author’s requests.

DAY 30 -Beginning of FTCOR Process/Associate Editor & Reviewer Assignment: Within 10 days of the notification of initial decision, the associate editor will secure a reviewer for a manuscript and will introduce themselves and the reviewer to the author(s) via email. It is recommended that authors, reviewers, and associate editors also subscribe to the email notification for the manuscript’s FTCOR Forum session at this time. Once the introductions are made between the author, reviewer, and associate editor, all subsequent communications between the parties of the manuscript’s FTCOR process must occur as non-anonymous posts made in the manuscript’s FTCOR Forum session. The FTCOR process is similar to other review processes, except for the fact that the review process is completely transparent and includes a cooperative element in which authors, reviewers, and associate editors can seek any clarification from the others in order to ensure that the reviews and decisions that are posted are relevant and based on accurate interpretations of the author’s intent. Author’s will NOT be revising their manuscripts “online,” during the FTCOR process. Authors will be asked to make the appropriate revisions after the FTCOR process comes to an end and the author’s manuscript has been accepted for publication. There is a possibility that a manuscript will not be accepted for publication even after it has gone through the FTCOR process, in which case, as with all the other manuscripts that will go through the FTCOR process, rationals for the decision will be provided in the FTCOR Forum as reviewer, associate editor, and editor-in-chief responses.

–All communication after this point will occur through FTCOR Forum session notifications–

DAY 60 – Reviewer Recommendation Notification: Authors should expect reviewers to complete and post their reviews within 30 days of receiving the necessary information to review a manuscript. We ask that authors refrain from making any posts or comments in their manuscript’s FTCOR Forum session during the 30-day review phase, and until the opening of the 10-day open review discussion phase.

Day 70 – Notification of Author’s Receipt of Reviewer’s Recommendation/Begin 10-Day Open Review Discussion Phase: Within 10 days of a review being posted authors are asked to read the review that was posted by the reviewer and to post a “comment” confirming that they have read the posted review. This will mark the beginning of the 10-day open review discussion phase.

During the 10-Day Open Review Discussion Phase: All parties will communicate by posting comments in the appropriate paper “topic” session, and all parties are asked to focus on establishing clarity regarding the contents of the manuscript and the review. If no clarity needs to be established, then each party to the process should make a post in the appropriate FTCOR Forum “topic” session stating that there is no need for further clarification.

DAY 80 – 10-Day Open Review Discussion Phase Ends

DAY 90 – Associate Editor’s Recommendation: Within 10 days of the closing of the 10-day open review discussion phase the associate editor should post their recommendation as a “comment” in the appropriate FTCOR Forum “topic” session, using the JPE Associate Editor’s Recommendation Form.

DAY 100 – Editor-in-Chief’s Decision: Within 10 days of the associate editor’s recommendation, the editor-in-chief will post a decision in the appropriate FTCOR Forum “topic” session, using the JPE Editor-in-Chief’s Decision Form.

DAY 130 – Submit Final Draft of Manuscript and Audio File: If an article is accepted for publication in the JPEthe author must submit a final manuscript of their paper as a Word .doc or .docx file within 30 days of the editor-in-chief’s decision. All authors are responsible for proof reading and copy editing their manuscripts. Please contact the JPE editorial team if you have any questions regarding these requirements: Publication Requirements Enquiry.

DAY 140 – Send Manuscript Prepublication Proof for Approval: Within 10 days of receiving a final manuscript, the article will be typeset by the JPE and a prepublication proof will be sent to the author(s) for approval. The author is asked to send an audio file of their paper (preferably read by the author) along with their approval.

DAY 150 – Article Publication: Authors should expect their manuscripts (including the audio file) to be published online in the JPE within 10 days of approving their prepublication proof.