Editorial Boards Terms and Conditions

Editorial advisory board members agree to the following conditions and terms of service with the JPE:

  1. they are willing to back, and therefore help promote, the JPE by being on our editorial advisory board;
  2. they are willing to review each completed issue for its quality and provide any final comments or suggestions before it is published;
  3. they will be available to offer any advice or support as needed by the JPE, including suggesting an appropriate peer-reviewer for a particular paper, in order to maintain its standard of quality;
  4. they will contribute at least one paper for possible publication, after being sufficiently peer-reviewed in accordance with the JPE’s double-anonymous peer-review process, sometime before 2023, and at least once every five years afterwards; and
  5. and editorial advisor board member may also be asked to peer-review a paper if absolutely necessary.

The JPE in return agrees to the following regarding editorial advisory members’ condition and terms of service:

  1. the JPE agrees to uphold its mission and core values; 
  2. the JPE agrees to publish two issues per year (summer and winter); and
  3. the JPE agrees to provide the editorial advisory board member at least one month to review a completed issue, prior to its publication.


Editorial board members agree to the following conditions and terms of service with the JPE:

  1. that they are a Ph.D. (or international equivalent) in the area(s) of expertise that you noted below, and that you are currently either a postdoctoral researcher, assistant professor, associate professor, or hold an internationally equivalent position with an accredited institution of higher education, and that you are actively pursuing research in the area of philosophy of emotion;
  2. to be a dedicated referee for the JPE, on an as needed basis, and for the amount of time you indicated below;
  3. to provide timely, high-quality reviews, consistent with the JPE's Referee Guidelines, in order to assist the editors of the JPE in making their decision regarding the possible acceptance of manuscripts that are under consideration for publication with the JPE
  4. to allow editors to anonymously share reviews with relevant authors in order to help the authors appropriately revise their manuscripts in response to editors' decisions; and
  5. that editorial board members will have no conflict of interest between their responsibility toward the JPE and any other relevant activity or responsibility.

The JPE in return agrees to the following regarding editorial members’ conditions and terms of service:

  1. the JPE will ask editorial board members to only referee papers that are relevant to their areas of expertise or interests; 
  2. the JPE will ask editorial board members to only referee one paper at a time;
  3. the JPE  will ask editorial board members to recommend qualified referees, on an as needed basis, if the editors are unable to find a suitable referee for a manuscript that is in your area of expertise;
  4. after eight (8) years of dedicated, high-quality service with the JPE, the JPE  will invite editorial board members to become a member of the JPE's editorial advisory board; and 
  5. the JPE may remove an editorial board member from its editorial board at any time if they are unable to or unwilling to fulfill their commitment to the JPE.

Editorial Board Membership Request Form: 

If you would like to support the JPE in the pursuit of its mission by signing-up as a dedicated member of the JPE's Editorial Board, please complete the Editorial Board Membership Request Form. All editorial board members are officially acknowledged for their contributions on the JPE website.