Join the JPE Team

The JPE is editorial advisory board (EAB) members to review paper contributions for the JPE. Please see the JPE Mission Statement.


Qualifications: In order to be an editorial advisory board member, you must be an academic scholar with a United States PhD or an equivalent US/international degree, and have some expertise or developed interest in the area of philosophy of emotion.

Terms of Service: As an editorial advisory board member for the JPE you are welcome to determine how many manuscripts you would like to review per year, and for how many years you would like to make a commitment to the JPE . You would also agree to serve in accordance with the JPE’s core values and the reviewer guidelines. Please also note that editorial advisory board members are removed from the board either upon their request or if they consistently deny refereeing papers, in accordance with the committment which they defined in their Editorial Advisory Board Good Faith Agreement.

Steps for Signing-Up as an Editorial Advisory Member: To serve as an Editorial Advisory member for the JPE, please complete the Editorial Advisory Board Good Faith Agreement (Good Faith Agreement) between you (the Editorial Advisory Board Member) and the JPE. Once we receive your Good Faith Agreement and verified your qualifications, you will be established as an official member of the JPE’s editorial advisory board. Your name will also be added as an official Editorial Advisory Board member on the JPE website.