Q1: Can an author submit a paper to the JPE even if they only have a Bachelor’s, or equivalent degree, or if they are a graduate student?

A1: Although the JPE does not deny anyone the opportunity to submit a paper, it does not recommend it unless the author is very serious at the time of submission about choosing a career in the area of philosophy of emotion. The publication of one paper is a result of many hours of volunteer work that is provided by career academics/professional scholars who are working in the field of emotion. We volunteer our time (completely free) in order to help our academic/scholarly community/profession. So, although those who are not career academics/professional scholars may be able to make a significant contribution to our field and we welcome the submission of any work that does, we ask authors to consider the resources that are being used in order to vet, referee, manage, make a decision on, and publish the papers they are submitting to the JPE, the kind of contribution their paper is intended to make to our field, and the author’s intent in submitting their paper to the JPE.