Interested in submitting to this journal?

If so, please review the About page for more information about the JPE, the JPE's Author Guidelines, and the information provided For Reviewers. Please also note that the JPE would happily accept co-authored papers that take an interdisciplinary approach to address various questions or concerns in the area of philosophy of emotion.

Alternative Emotion Journals: If your manuscript does not fit the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion's mission statement and aims, we recommend that authors consider submitting their manuscripts to one of the following journals that also publish work on emotions: 

Emotion                                                                Emotion, Space, and Society

Emotion and Cognition                                     Emotions: History, Culture, and Society

Emotion Review                                                  International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion

Emotion Science                                                 Motivation and Emotion

Double-Anonymous: Authors should also note that all mansucripts will be reviewed using a double-anonymous review process via the Open Journal Systems platform. We, therefore, ask that authors remove any content that would in any way indicate the author's identity to a reader. Authors may cite their own work, but should do so in third-person form in order to ensure that the surrounding text does not reveal that the work cited is the author's work. Authors also need to register with the journal prior to submitting their manuscript or, if already registered, can simply log-in and begin the five-step manuscript submission process.