Referee Guidelines

Reviewers will be asked to attend to the following considerations when writing their review using the form noted below, which will be provided through the JPE’s OJS system.

  • Referees will have one (1) week to accept a paper for review after they have already agreed to do so via email.
  • Referees will have seven (7) weeks to complete their review.
  • Is the content of the manuscript consistent with the JPE’s mission?
  • Is the author’s writing clear, concise, and precise? Do the section headings make sense? Is the content well organized?
  • Is the content of the manuscript rigorous in terms of its scholarship and argumentation?
  • Does the manuscript address an interest, concern, problem, or question in the area of philosophy of emotion?
  • Does the manuscript present an interesting or unique solution, argument, method, or perspective in the area of philosophy of emotion?


  1. Date:
  1. Reviewer’s Name:
  1. Editor’s Name:
  1. Author(s) Name(s):
  1. Please choose one of the following recommendations for this manuscript:
    1. Accept
    2. Accept with minor revisions (conditional acceptance, level 1)
    3. Accept with some revisions (conditional acceptance, level 2)
    4. Advised to resubmit after substantial revisions
  1. Please describe your reasoning for your recommendation. Please be as detailed and thorough as possible covering both positives and negatives of the manuscript. Please reference page numbers to provide detailed information:
  1. Please list or describe any MINOR issues you encountered with the manuscript (grammar, citations, etc.).
  1. List at least one alternative forum (e.g., a more appropriate journal) if applicable: