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The JPE is an academic journal that currently operates as a domestic non-profit corporation. It is seeking or will be seeking funding through an American Philosophical Association Small Grant (max. $5K), and other academic institutional sponsorships or grants. Currently, however, we hope to be able to cover our Current Annual Expenditures through your generous support and especially by asking authors to accompany their submissions with a donation of $25.00. Please note that 4.4% of all donations submitted through PayPal go towards PayPal fees.

  • To Authors: If you are making a donation to accompany your manuscript subscription, please provide your full name and your manuscript’s full title when you make your donation.
  • Using Your Bank’s Direct Pay via Email Service (JPE preferred): If you would like to donate directly to the JPE through your bank, please send your donation using and the editor-in-chief’s name (Cecilea Mun) as the recipient. Unfortunately, the JPE is not currently accepting any non-electronic donations at this time.
  • Sustaining Sponsor: If you would like to be a sustaining sponsor, please contact the editor-in-chief for details on how you can do so.

Your generous gift will be used to first pay for any publication and operating costs before providing our editorial assistants with a stipend. The JPE will maintain transparency in all its spending by providing a yearly report at the end of every year of publication. If you would like to help the JPE meet its budgetary needs by making a monetary gift, you can do so through the link provided below.

Thank you again for your support!