Referee Acknowledgement

The Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE) would like to extend a sincere appreciation to those scholars who served as referees for the JPE. The editors and authors appreciated your insightful and constructive feedback. This journal cannot fulfill its mission without the voluntary support of scholars like you, and we hope that you will continue to work with us in our future endeavors.

Elisa Aaltola

Matilde Aliffi

Marvin Berkowitz

Nicolas Bommarito

Aaron Ben-Ze'ev

Dave Beisecker

Paniel O. R. Cardeñas

Mary Carman

Eugene Chislenko

Tom Cochrane

Ronald de Sousa

Robin S. Dillon

Michael Allen Fox

Rachel Fredericks

Stephen Halliwell

Daniel R. Herbert

Joseph Keeping

Kristján Kristjánsson

Michael Kühler

Marguerite La Caze

George E. Marcus

Derek Matravers

William David McDonald

Dina Mendonça

Tony Milligan

David Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell

Jeffrie G. Murphy*

Kathryn J. Norlock

Ronald William Pies

Laura Pricop

Sara Protasi

William Ramsey

Michelle Saint

Evan Simpson

Sarah Sorial

Thomas Szanto

Amna Whiston

*We apologize that this acknowledgment was too late in reaching Prof. Jeffrie G. Murphy, Regents Professor of Law, Philosophy and Religious Studies for the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University. We thank you for your contributions to the discipline of philosophy. You would be greatly missed.

We also apologize to those scholars who we may have inadvertently left off this list. We may have lost some referee information during our transition to Google Suites, and we will make sure to do better with tracking our referees in the future. We encourage former referees to contact us so we can appropriately acknowledge your contribution in a future acknowledgement or if any other corrections are necessary.