Book Symposium

Abstract: In this book, Tom Cochrane presents a general model of the mind organised around the affective states. At the foundation of this model is 'valent representation'- a basic negative feedback structure which combines mental representation, evaluation, and regulative response. Upon this foundation, Cochrane offers accounts of pain and pleasure, emotion, social expression, evaluative reasoning, personality traits and long-term character commitments. These various states are conceived as elaborations of the basic structure of valent representation, each one making use of some sophistication in our representational capacities to enable more effective regulation of the things we care about and our affiliations with others.

Author Bio: Tom Cochrane is the senior lecturer at Flinders University in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. His main areas of philosophical research are emotions, shared consciousness, and aesthetics, especially (but not limited to) those that are related to music. Cochrane is also the author of The Emotional Mind: A Control Theory of Affective States and The Aesthetic Value of the World.

The Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE) is planning to publish a book symposium on Dr. Tom Cochrane’s latest book, The Emotional Mind, and we are looking for commentators who are interested in engaging in a critical discussion of it, with the aim of moving the discourse on relevant topics that are highlighted by his book forward.

We are hoping to publish this book symposium in the JPE’s summer 2023 issue. If you are interested, please email us (, informing us of your interest, along with a copy of your CV, by Sept 30th, 2022. We will contact you by Oct 15th, 2022, with a decision regarding your expressed interest and any further details. Invited commentators will each receive a free copy of The Emotional Mind.

An example of a similar kind of published book symposium can be found in the JPE’s issue on Andreas Elpidorou’s book, Propelled: You can also find the JPE’s style guideline here:

We encourage a diversity of scholars of all ranks who are interested in participating as commentators to respond to this CFP, provided that they are willing and able to commit to fulfilling the expectations of our double-anonymous peer review process. Commentators will be selected not only based on their qualifications, but also based on considerations for the value of diversity and inclusiveness.

Please note that the JPE requires a submission fee of $35, or you can become a member of the Society for Philosophy of Emotion (SPE), which includes the JPE submission fee waivers. The JPE is an independently published, open-access journal, and all manuscript submission fees go toward paying for operating costs and providing need based subventions to facilitate diverse and inclusive participation.