Affiliated Copy Editors

If you are in need of copy-editing services, you are welcome to the contact any of the following copy editors that are currently affiliated with the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE). These copy editors are independent contractors who work directly with authors. They are not employees of the JPE and do not serve as referees for the JPE. The JPE receive $10 from the copy editor for every article it publishes that has been copy edited by one of the listed copy editors, and copy editors do not participate in the JPE's profit sharing scheme. Please also note that having a manuscript copy edited by one of our associated copy editors does not play any role in any of the JPE's decisions on a manuscript, and the money that the JPE receives also goes towards defraying the JPE's operating costs. Also, please contact the editor-in-chief if you would like to be listed as an affiliated copy editor with the JPE.

Louise Chapman, DPhil Candidate, University of Cambridge

I offer competitively-priced proofreading services to academics and students. I have ten years' experience proofreading Masters theses, PhDs, and full-length monographs. Several papers I have edited were subsequently published in leading philosophy journals (including Inquiry, the British Journal of History of Philosophy, and Canadian Journal of Philosophy). I have significant experience proofreading documents for those whose first language is not English. My proofreading service includes checking for all typographical, spelling, and grammar errors.

Email: louiserebeccachapman[at]


John Horden, PhD in Philosophy, University of Barcelona

Specialization: Copy editing works by authors who write in English as a second language, and Spanish to English translations.

Email: hordenjohn[at]gmail[dot]com

Adele Jourdan, PhD in Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

I am a native English speaker offering my services as a professional proofreader and editor. With a Masters degree in English literature and PhD in philosophy, I offer a range of options from correcting grammatical or typographical mistakes to more in-depth revision of sentence construction and flow ensuring textual clarity and readability.

Email: jourdan[dot]f[dot]adele[at]gmail[dot]com


Emanuele Martinelli, PhD Candidate, Università della Svizzera italiana/University of Lugano, Switzerland

I offer translation, copyediting and proofreading services for philosophical and literary writings. I am a native Italian speaker, based in Switzerland, and I've been studying, writing and working in English everyday for some years now. I'm currently a graduate student in philosophy, specializing in political philosophy and social ontology, taking some courses in economics and IT too. I'm also a registered freelance translator, with 2 years of experience both in the academic, professional (mainly technical and marketing) and literary (I'm both a published novelist in Italy and a translator of novels) fields. My prices are of course inclusive of high-quality and deadline-respecting works, as well as of the process of communicating with the author for corrections and interpretation checks.

Language: EN (from and into), IT (from and into), FR (From)

Email: emanuele[dot]martinelli[dot]1996[at]

Simon Mussell, DPhil in Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex

Specialization: Language editing (for authors writing in English as a second language) and has published on German critical theory, affect, and feeling.

Email: simon[dot]mussell[at]gmail[dot]com

Sean Winkler, PhD in Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Research Fellow at Vienna Circle Institute

I am a native English speaker and have worked as an English-language proofreader for 7 years (2 years in an official capacity and 5 years freelance) and have experience with texts both from fellow native English speakers as well as those who write in English as a second language. I have worked on everything from course papers, articles, academic theses (MA, MPhil and PhD) to book manuscripts, some of which have gone on to appear in academic journals such as Australasian Journal of Philosophy, History of Political Thought, International Journal of Philosophical Studies and Philosophical Investigations or in works with publishers such as Brill, Leuven University Press, Oxford University Press and Springer. My primary area of copy-editing/proofreading expertise is in philosophy, but I have also worked on pieces in law and theology. In addition to my proofreading work, I have 5 years of experience as a writing tutor and 1 year as an English-language instructor.

Email: winklersp[at]