The Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE) is a biannual (summer, September and winter, January issues) interdisciplinary philosophy journal that was officially established in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a domestic non-profit corporation on August 24, 2016, and on March 31, 2021, it was deemed to be a 501(3)(c), 509(a)(2) public charity by the US Department of Treasury. Its aim is to be an internationally recognized, gold open access, philosophy journal specializing in the publication of high-quality, double-anonymously peer-reviewed manuscripts that address philosophical interests on the topic of emotion, broadly construed (e.g., including affect), from a wide range of philosophical or interdisciplinary perspectives, across all traditions. The JPE holds that philosophers of emotion can learn from experts in other areas and disciplines, and vice versa, and is especially interested in work that demonstrate how issues in the philosophy of emotion are relevant to other areas in philosophy and other disciplines, and vice versa. It seeks to encourage an open exchange of ideas and appropriate, reasonable dialogue between scholars by providing a space where interdisciplinary pursuits in the philosophy of emotion can flourish. It does not promote any specific ideology, school, tradition, or methodology, but asks contributors to maintain an equal respect for all co-participants in its endeavors. It also shares the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, collegiality/community, honesty, integrity, the principle of charity, rigorous scholarship, and clarity of content with its affiliated society, the Society for Philosophy of Emotion.