Production Process

Once a final decision has been reached regarding a submitted paper, the author will be contacted by the editor-in-chief about the copy edit check and the production process for their manuscript. This process will involve the following:

  1. The editor-in-chief will perform a final copy edit check, and recommend or require any necessary final edits prior to sending the manuscript to publication. The JPE will withhold publishing any manuscript if it does not meet the JPE's house style, on which the editor-in-chief is the final authority. Furthermore, any additional changes made by the author other than the required or necessary copy edits will incur a fee of $10 (USD) per line changed.

  2. In response to the editor's copy edit check, author's will be asked to submit a final, penultimate draft of their manuscript, including any material for an appendix. Please note that subsequent author edits will not be accepted, until after the publication of the manuscript, in which case author(s) will be required to submit a formal request for a correction, revision, or retraction. Please see the JPE Post-Publication Request Form.

  3. The JPE is a biannual online, open access scholarly journal that publishes full-length articles, book symposiums, book reviews, and special issues under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, in which authors will retain the copyright to their work (i.e., their initial manuscript and any revisions submitted to the JPE), and manage their own permissions for other uses. The rights to any material produced by the JPE, including any pre-publication proofs, are held by the JPE as the licensor under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The JPE gives authors the right to use and distribute their published articles in accordance with this license, however, we advise authors and readers to please consult the terms of this license before using any of the material that is published on the JPE site. Furthermore, because authors agreed to these copyright conditions when they initially submitted their manuscript, no subsequent agreement will be obtained from the author unless the conditions of the agreement have been changed by the JPE after the initial manuscript submission.

  4. Once the final, penultimate draft of a manuscript has been received, the author(s) will be sent a pre-publication proof, along with instructions for providing any corrections that need to be made on these proofs. These corrections should be corrections of any errors that were made during the production process, and should not include any corrections, revisions, or retractions of any content that was provided in the final, penultimate draft for the final production process. Any such changes will have to be made by the author using the JPE's JPE Post-Publication Request Form, and authors may be charged additional fees for processing these requests:

  • Corrections: No charge since "corrections" are understood as errors made by the JPE during the production process.

  • Revisions: $10 (USD) per line changed since "revisions" are understood as corrections to errors made by the author. The JPE will not accept any revision request for any published manuscript for any reason other than correcting the factual information conveyed in a manuscript.

  • Retractions: $35 (USD) per manuscript retracted. A "retraction" request is understood as a request to attach the following message to the submitted manuscript:

  • "RETRACTED: Please note that this manuscript has been retracted on DATE by AUTHOR's NAME due to the invalidity of some of the contents of this manuscript. Please contact the author for more information about this retraction."

Although anyone can submit an Ethical Violation Report in order to prompt a retraction, only authors will be allowed to submit a request for a retraction.

  1. If any corrections are required on the pre-publication proof, those corrections will be made and a subsequent proof will be sent to the author for final approval, along with any necessary invoice.

  2. Once the author(s) final approval has been obtained, the manuscript will be published in the up-coming issue of the JPE, unless there is a reason for with-holding the publication of the manuscript, of which the author(s) would be made fully aware in advance, and is either a consequence of the author's refusal to bring their manuscript in alignment with the JPE's house style or their permission to do so for some other reason was obtained in advance.

  3. Please note that because the time from the notification of the JPE's final decision of acceptance and the publication of the manuscript depends in part on the timeliness of the author(s) response to our request for a final, penultimate draft and request for corrections of their pre-publication proof, we cannot guarantee the publication of any manuscript for any specific issue. We do, however, work to ensure that we do our part in a timely manner, and am willing to work with author(s) to help them fulfill any needs they might have in terms of the timeliness of the publication of their manuscript, as long as we are reasonably able to do so and are reasonably informed of their needs in advance.