Reporting Ethical Violations

Please complete the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion's Ethical Violation Report Form in order to report any pre-publication or post-publication misconduct, complaints against the journal, its staff, editorial board members, its editorial advisory board members, contributing authors, or any conflicts of interests/competing interests. Such reports will be delivered to the editor-in-chief, who will respond to the author of the complaint within one week of the submission of this form. The editor-in-chief will include in their response any steps they have taken in order to address the reported issue and any steps they intend to take. The author of this complaint may also be requested to take part in the process of appropriately addressing the reported issue, which may include providing documents to support the issue, and meeting with the editor-in-chief, members of the staff, members of the editorial board, and/or members of the editorial advisory board, in order to properly adjudicate the details of the misconduct or complaint and resolve any concerns that may arise from the report of the misconduct or complaint. Once a resolution has been reached regarding the reported misconduct or complaint, the editor-in-chief will notify all relevant stakeholders regarding the details of the resolution. All the documents associated with any report of misconduct or complaint will be maintained online by the JPE in its Google Drive repositories. Finally, if the reported issue involves the violation of any state or federal law by the editor-in-chief, members of the staff, or members of the editorial advisory board, we advise the author of this complaint to contact the relevant legal bodies in order to file a report or complaint with those legal bodies.